When considering filing a commercial truck accident in Georgia, talk with a Fulton personal injury attorney about taking your case through the state’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system.

ADR allows truck accident victims and other litigants to resolve their disputes without going to court. There are various ways that a truck accident claim can be heard in Georgia’s ADR system 

  • ·        Arbitration - An arbitrator or panel of arbitrators listens to evidence and makes a decision in the case. Arbitration in Georgia is non-binding. Therefore, either side may choose to go to trial within a specified period. Eventually, the arbitrated decision does become binding.
  • ·        Mediation – In mediation, you and your Fulton personal injury attorney will negotiate a settlement with the responsible party. A trained mediator will assist both sides in coming to a decision but will not make a ruling. You and the defendant will have the final decision.
  • ·        Early Neutral Evaluation or Case Evaluation - Cases are heard by an attorney, who tries to help each side focus their facts and legal issues. Although this may be used to prepare for trial, often both sides may choose settlement discussions because of this evaluation.

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