New laws took effect on January 1st, and Georgia drivers who speed will face stiffer fines.
On most Georgia roads, going 85 miles per hour or more will cost an additional $200 beyond the ticket for going over the speed limit. On two-lane roads, (those with one lane in each direction) one only needs to drive over 75 miles per hour to incur the extra fine.
The original ticket may not tell the driver about the additional state fine. After the driver receives the ticket, the State of Georgia will send a letter notifying the driver of the additional fine, which must be paid within 90 days. Drivers who do not pay will have their licenses suspended.
This law is designed to save lives. Speeding vehicles are more likely to be involved in accidents, and the risk of serious injury or death is higher when speeding is involved. Officials hope this law will put a stop to super-speeding and road racing.
Money collected from the fines will be used to fund trauma services.
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