Everyday a drunk driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, endangering anyone sharing the road. In Georgia thousands of people each year suffer a serious injury or even death due to drunk drivers. You can help protect yourself and your loved ones from Atlanta drunk driving injury cases by knowing what signs to look for in spotting an intoxicated driver.

  • Aggressive Driving (ex: tailgating)
  • Weaving down the road or drifting in and out of traffic 
  • Stopping suddenly or erratic braking
  • Inconsistent signaling
  • Slow response to traffic signals
  • Turning abruptly or illegally
  • Driving more than 10 mph below the speed limit
  • Swerving without cause
  • Being unable to stay within the lines of the road
  • Driving with headlights off at night
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road

If you should be driving and witness what you think is a drunk driver, it is important to stay as far away as you can from them. Do not try to pass or pull the driver over. If you can, take note of what they are driving, model, make, color, and lastly call 911 and include all the details. Calling the police is very important and could prevent an injury to another driver and even save a life.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, you may be eligible to recover damages and earn deserved financial compensation. To learn more about your eligibility after a drunk driving accident, contact Atlanta DUI victim attorney Shane Smith today at 770-HURT-999.

You can also fill out the online form on this page and we will contact you with more information within 24 hours. These cases are time sensitive, so act now.

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