Car accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers. According to the CDC, an average of eight teenagers die in car crashes each day. Sixty percent (approximately five teens each day) of these deaths are alcohol-related.
If you are the parent of a teen driver, you are naturally concerned about your child’s safety. You may be worried about Georgia drunk driving accidents, but you can’t supervise your teen every minute. How can you help your child make smart choices when it comes to drinking and driving?
According to Atlanta DUI injury attorney Shane Smith, the first thing you should do is to communicate with your teen about the risks of drunk driving. Remind your child that it is illegal to drink before age 21. Discuss the effects of alcohol and talk about how to resist peer pressure. Discuss the possible scenario where your child may feel she has no choice but to accept a ride from a friend who has been drinking. Offer your child a safe ride home at any time, regardless of the situation.
Teens often rebel when parents set what a teen may feel is too many rules, so you should work together to establish rules for driving. Set consequences if the rules aren’t followed.
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