The unfortunate fact is that Georgia has more than its fair share of pedestrian accidents.  The Atlanta metropolitan area is ranked tenth of all U.S. urban areas in the number of pedestrian accidents.  Often accidents occur because the driver says he just didn’t see the pedestrian.

You can reduce your chances of becoming an Atlanta pedestrian accident victim by being seen.  If you are walking or running outside at dawn, nighttime or dusk, wear reflective clothing that will allow automobile drivers to see you at a greater distance.  You may even opt for a battery powered clip-on light.  In the day time, choose bright colors that will help you be seen especially if the sun is bright.  
For more pedestrian safety tips, read our article “Preventing Atlanta Crosswalk Accidents.”
Pedestrians are injured in crosswalk accidents face high medical bills and may be left unable to work.   Many accident victims are entitled to insurance compensation for their injuries, lost income, pain and suffering and related expenses. An experienced Georgia pedestrian accident attorney can help you determine if you have an injury claim.  To learn more about your rights after an Atlanta pedestrian accident and discuss your claim, schedule a free consultation with Atlanta accident lawyer Shane Smith.  Contact Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999. 
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