Often after a drunk driving accident, the focus is on the physical injuries suffered, and yet the psychological suffering can be debilitating. People may experience anxiety, depression, and even rage. As an innocent victim, there can be a strong sense of being completely helpless and wronged in a situation created by someone else's bad decisions. When a drunk driver injures or even kills an innocent person, a life or lives may be deeply altered for years to come.

Because of the nature of a Georgia drunk driving accident, both the physical and psychological impact of being in a wreck with an intoxicated driver can last for years to come. The physical injuries in some ways become more easily recognized and dealt with, and yet it is equally important to address the mental wellbeing of accident victims. Depression and anxiety greatly impact the quality of life for everyone involved. The mental pain suffered by those injured can reach into every aspect of their lives, causing struggles in relationships, jobs, and activities.

In the aftermath of a wreck with a drunk driver, people are often in shock. They then make uninformed decisions and take actions that will limit their ability to access the full compensation they need and deserve to put their lives back together. To fully treat both physical and mental injuries suffered after a drunk driving accident requires full compensation based on short and long term needs.

Those injured by a drunk driver have the right to recover fair and full damages. This financial compensation may cover medical bills, lost wages, permanent losses and pain and emotional suffering.

To learn more about your legal rights in these cases, you need the expert help of an experienced DUI victim attorney in Atlanta. We can help in your time of need.

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