A couple of studies recently named slip and fall accidents as a rising problem for business owners, since more slip and fall accidents are occurring and costing companies and business owners more money.

Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index stated that slip and fall accidents—including elevated and same level falls—accounted for $13 billion in costs for American business owners. However, the company didn’t mention what slip and fall accidents cost innocent victims (e.g., inability to work, function normally, participate in the activities they like, etc.).

Additionally, the Institute of Real Estate Management said that the “57 percent of respondents [commercial property owners] ranked slips and falls as the single leading cause of current disputes, and 63 percent ranked such accidents among the top three management issues they and their colleagues face.”

While these studies look at the ways businesses are affected and how much slip and falls cost business owners in liability claims, these studies don’t reveal how slip and fall accidents in Georgia and nationwide affect innocent victims who suffered needlessly. What these studies do show is that more people are possibly being injured in slip and fall accidents in Georgia and nationwide.

If companies would clean spills frequently, clean floors properly, use nonslip floor mats, train workers about slip and fall prevention, and do everything they could to make their stores safe for the public, they would be able to reduce the amount of slip and fall accidents and injuries. Until then, innocent shoppers and visitors on their premises may continue getting hurt.

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