In 2007, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducted the Large Truck Causation Study, a research project that examined all the factors that contribute to commercial truck accidents.  The authors looked at almost 1,000 trucking accidents and found that driver behavior is the number one cause of 18 wheeler crashes. In fact, according to the data they collected, drivers are more than ten times as likely to cause a big rig accident as external factors such as weather, road conditions, or vehicle defects. 
Here are the Top 10 causes of 18-wheeler accidents: 
1. Prescription drug use :  26%
2. Traveling too fast:  23%
3. Driver unfamiliar with roadway: 22%
4 . Over-the-counter drug use:  18%
5. Improper surveillance (not checking blind spots): 14%
6. Fatigue:  13%
7. Illegal maneuvers: 9%
8. Exterior distraction: 8%
9. Inadequate evasive action: 7%
10. Aggressive driving behavior: 7% 
Most Georgia commercial truck accidents are preventable!
If you've been injured in a Georgia semi-truck accident, an experienced Atlanta trucking accident attorney can investigate the causes of your accident.  He can deal with the trucking companies and insurance companies and help you get a fair settlement.  To learn more, contact the Law Office of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999.
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