Truck drivers drive long hours, with many of those hours taking place late at night and early in the morning. Because of this, there are very real dangers of them falling asleep at the wheel and crashing 80,000 pound semi-trucks. They are aware of this fact, so in order for them to stay awake longer and drive further, many truck drivers turn to prescription drugs.

While prescription drugs are legal, when mixed together, they can impair a trucker—affecting a truck driver’s ability to drive safely. In fact, prescription drug abuse is an epidemic throughout this nation—sometimes impairing motorists as if they were driving drunk.

If truck drivers are aware of the dangers, why are they still using prescription drugs on the road?

  1. Money. Truck drivers know that they get paid for the amount of miles driven and to reach their destinations on or ahead of schedule. Because of this, they sometimes have to force themselves to stay awake and drive.
  2. Lack of Sleep. Many truck drivers suffer from sleep apnea and are constantly tired. In order to fight off their sleep deprivation, they turn to uppers, caffeine pills, or prescription drugs to help them stay awake on the road.
  3. Allergies & Sicknesses. When a truck driver suffers from allergies, a cold, or another sickness, he may take several medications. When mixed together, they could impair the trucker unknowingly.

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