In the article, "Was it Really an "Accident?" Don't Be a Victim of Georgia Car Insurance Scams," Atlanta car accident injury attorney Shane Smith discusses staged car accidents that are caused by unscrupulous drivers after easy money from the insurance companies.


What can you do to avoid becoming a victim of Georgia insurance fraud? These tips can help you avoid Georgia traffic accidents - both real and staged.


  • Never drive while distracted. Scam artists look for distracted drivers. If you seem to be distracted, they may take advantage of your lack of attention and swerve in front of you or quickly brake in the hopes that you will not be able to stop in time and will crash into their vehicle.

  • Follow the three second rule and always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the others cars around you. This gives you plenty of time to stop if the unexpected should happen.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings. If you notice vehicles that are acting suspiciously, avoid those drivers. Suspicious behaviors include circling a roundabout multiple times, fluctuating speeds, driving erratically, changing lanes multiple times, and drivers or passengers that seem to be closely watching you and your vehicle.


One more tip - don't put and insurance company decal or sticker on your car. The sticker lets scammers that you have liability insurance. This makes you a target for insurance fraud.


If you are seriously injured and suspect that someone else is at fault for your Atlanta car crash, contact Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999.

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