It is unfortunate when car accidents, slip and fall accidents, sporting injuries, or other traumatic events occur that leave people with brain injuries in Georgia. Unfortunately, millions of people nationwide are affected by traumatic brain injuries (TBI) every year, which is why researchers have turned their attention to trying to find effective treatments for TBI.

There is a phase three trial called Synapse that researchers at more than 180 sites across our nation are taking part in. In this trial, progesterone—a natural hormone already produced in women and men—is being used to treat TBI patients. The caveat is that this hormone has to be given to brain injury victims within eight hours of their injury and infused into the brain for five days after the initial injury.

According to Dr. Daniel Laskowitz, Professor of Medicine (Neurology), Neurobiology & Anesthesiology Director, Neurovascular Laboratories at Duke University Medical Center, “There is good evidence that it reduces inflammation.” Now researchers are hopeful that progesterone to treat traumatic brain injuries may be the first-ever TBI treatment.

The research from these studies indicates that progesterone may decrease brain swelling and cell death and rebuild the blood-brain barrier. Although this treatment is still in its trial phase—as there are no standardized treatments for TBI yet—this research should give us hope for a possible treatment in the near future.

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