Various documents can help determine the value of a personal injury claim. In fact, adequate evidence will be needed to support the types of damages you are seeking to receive in your claim. Consulting with an Atlanta accident injury lawyer can help you understand how much your claim is worth. We can also help assemble the documentation that will be necessary to build a strong case. 

Types of Accident Documents 

Accident scene evidence, such as a copy of the police report or photographs, can go a long way in establishing the cause of your crash. Be sure to take pictures of all damaged vehicles and other shots that may reveal critical information, such as wet pavement. 

You will also need documentation pertaining to your car insurance. It’s important to have policy information available so you understand the type of coverage you have as you handle the claims process. 

Documents will be necessary to not only show the cause of your accident, but also the resulting injuries and damages to the vehicle. The value of your personal injury claim will be based on the severity of your physical and emotional injuries, as well as bills from repair shops or mechanics, which may help place value on the property damage. 

Regarding injuries, make sure to keep and obtain medical records and bills. It’s a good idea to also keep a pain journal, which outlines the treatment and impact the injuries have had on your ability to work and enjoy daily activities. 

If you are claiming lost earnings, you will need documentation that shows the income you have been without. This may include previous paystubs that show your normal wages. 

Keep in mind that Georgia follows comparative negligence laws, which impacts your recovery if you are partially at fault. You cannot receive any compensation if you are found to be 50 percent or more at fault. It is critical to have ample evidence that proves the liability of the other driver, as well as evidence that helps to determine the value of your personal injury claim.  

Seeking Help from an Atlanta Accident Injury Lawyer 

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