Not all pedestrians suffer the same types of injuries. When pedestrians get hit by vehicles, their injuries can depend on what vehicle hit them, the size of the vehicle, and what part of the car made impact with them. 

A 2012 study analyzed U.S. and European pedestrian crashes to determine which vehicle components injure different body regions. For example, the bumper will cause injuries to different parts of a pedestrian’s body than the windshield. 

The study results found the following information:

  • Bumper contact accounted for serious lower-extremity injuries in 43% of serious pedestrian injuries in the U.S. and 35% of European cases
  • Windshield contact accounted for serious head and face injuries in 27% of serious U.S. pedestrian injuries and 15% of European cases
  • Lower-extremity injury from a vehicle’s bumper and head and face injury from windshield impact were the most frequent combinations of serious and disabling pedestrian injuries
  • Lower-extremity injuries from bumpers accounted for over 20% of disability in U.S. and European pedestrian cases

Although a vehicle’s bumper can cause serious lower-extremity injuries and a windshield can cause head and face injuries, the hood can also cause disabling pedestrian injuries in Georgia and worldwide. In fact, hood contact can cause thorax injuries, among other serious injuries including pelvis and hip injuries and upper-extremity injuries.

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