Georgia law requires that homeowners and retailers exercise reasonable care to maintain safe properties for any "invitee" who is approaching, exiting or present on the property.

If you have suffered a serious injury on someone else's property, a premises liability attorney at Shane Smith Law can review your accident and injuries to determine if you have a reasonable case against the property owner involved.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a video from the United Kingdom showed pedestrians repeatedly slipping and falling on an icy sidewalk. The sidewalk hazard had been marked with two warning cones but multiple pedestrians were shown on the video falling on the sidewalk. The video had been viewed nearly 1.1 million times since it was posted online.

The entity that was in charge of maintaining public sidewalks faced potential liability if there had been any serious injuries. Despite the two warning cones, nothing was done to remedy the hazard for more than two days. The public works entity reported that the area was a danger because a gutter was pointed at the area and water runoff froze each night in the same place. The patch was finally cleared with salt and the gutter was redirected.

Slip-and-fall victims should call a Clayton County premises liability attorney at Shane Smith Law to schedule a free legal consultation.

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