Many of us drive around with clutter in our car: shopping, kids toys, books, a cooler...  We all do it, but a cluttered car may put your life at risk.
Did you know that that unsecured every day objects in your vehicle can become dangerous projectiles in an Atlanta car crash?  
In fact, eordinary objects that are left in cars and trucks are responsible for about 13,000 injuries each year.  
How do these injuries occur?
Suppose you have a cooler in the back seat with your lunch and a few cans of your favorite soda.  All together, the cooler weighs about ten pounds.  If you are traveling at 55 miles per hour, a ten-pound object will hit with 500 pounds of force.  That's enough to crush bones.
Even the change in your cup holder can cause serious injury.  Can you imagine being hit by a penny travelling at 55 miles per hour? Ouch! What if the car spins and the pennies fly around?
To prevent projectile injuries, keep your stuff stowed in the trunk or under a cargo net and don't leave loose objects around the passenger compartment. Give your children soft, light-weight toys to play with while they are in the car.  Plush puppets are a great option.
If you are injured in an Atlanta accident, contact the Law Offices of Atlanta car crash attorney Shane Smith. 
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