Many people do not realize the reality and benefits of having a will versus not having a will. For this reason, Georgia estate planning attorney Shane Smith has provided a quick list of what happens with and without a will.

With a Will

  • You can choose an executor who you trust to oversee the distribution of your assets upon your death.
  • Because you assign an executor, you (and your heirs) can avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • You can save estate taxes with the help of an estate-planning attorney.
  • You can pick and chose to whom you want to give your assets to and what percentage they receive.
  • You can even give some of your assets to friends.
  • You can chose to support your favorite charity.
  • You can appoint a guardian for your minor children and establish a trust for them.

Without a Will

  • The courts will assign an executor on your behalf.
  • Without an executor, the cost of administration of your estate will be greater because the administrator will require court supervision.
  • Your estate may lose money due to needless taxes that you could have avoided by estate planning.
  • The state will distribute your property and assets equally, by class, to your relatives.
  • None of your friends will receive any of your assets.
  • Your money will not go to support your favorite cause.
  • You don’t get the opportunity to choose a guardian for your children.

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