Today we posted an answer to help our clients identify what a personal injury claim is and is not.  A personal injury claim or bodily injury claim is where a person is injured through someone else's mistake or negligence.  It is a tort claim.  This can be a car accident or a slip and fall.
     The amount recovered on a personal injury claim is based on many diffent factors.  A short list follows, but for more specifics you would need to talk to an attorney.  The type of injury, the severity, the duration of treatment, the type of treatment, whether the injury is permanent, the amount of pain and suffering you experienced, whether you missed work, whether there were any scars.  Additional factors can be whether there was a delay in your treatment, whether you are a DUI victim or even the location of the accident.  It matters where in Georgia it occurred.  People treat injuries and accidents differently whether they are in south Georgia or Metro Atlanta.  If you have a claim, with an injury, we would encourage you to speak with a lawyer to discuss the specific factors of your case.  An attorney can best advise you about what is and is not important in your claim.
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