The insurance adjuster says that your car is totaled and that this is all your car is worth.  How did they come up with this number?  What are they basing it on?  Can you argue with them?
     Find the answers to all of these questions in a short article posted here, which talks about how the adjuster comes up with their numbers.  You can check different sources and make sure that they are comparing similar vehicles to yours.  Ask the right questions and they will send you their paperwork, which you can then double check.  We recommend you spend a few minutes researching the value of your car so that you know what you are talking about when you dispute the insurance adjuster.
     The insurance adjuster expects you to be emotional after your car accident.  They also expect you not to be thinking clearly when they talk to you.  Get your facts and figures straight before talking to them.  Make sure you do not make a mistake that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Read this short article and find more out about property damage claims from car accidents in Atlanta and Georgia here.  Do your research, find free information here from Atlanta car accident lawyer Shane Smith.
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