Were you injured in an Atlanta car crash?
Were your medical bills paid through your own health insurance plan?
Is your health insurance demanding to be paid back?

In many cases, health insurance companies want you to reimburse them for their payments out of your personal injury recovery.  This may significantly reduce your settlement.  
This are of the law is known as "subrogation".  Subrogation law is very complex and some insurance companies take advantage of the complexity of the law by demanding payment even in cases where they have no claim.
However, if there is a valid claim, the insurance agency may place a lien on your recovery.  The lien may affect your ability to pay for future medical care and other needs.
It is important that you discuss your insurance and the possibility of liens with your Atlanta personal injury attorney, especially if your bills were paid by Medicare, Medicaid, or military benefits. Your Georgia car crash attorney will be able to determine if the insurance company has a valid claim. To learn more, contact the Law Office of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999.
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