If a truck driver collides into your car after running a red light or failing to slow down, you most likely will have serious injuries. If you can talk after a crash, it is best not to say too much. Truckers and their insurance companies will be looking at things you say, eager to use your words against you.

Two things you should never say after any type of Atlanta traffic accident:

  • I don’t feel injured. Sometimes adrenaline can make you unaware that you are injured for hours or even days following the crash. Never tell anyone you are not injured without seeking medical care.
  • I’m sorry. Even if you know the accident was not your fault, many people often use the words “I’m sorry” as a general statement. For example, “I’m sorry you are hurt.” Never say these words!

Avoid the above two statements when talking with the truck driver and his insurance company. The best thing you can do following a crash is to say as little as possible, seek medical attention, and talk with an experienced Atlanta accident attorney.

Insurance adjusters are trained professionals. They know what types of questions to ask you, which could lead to you saying something that they can use against you. This is why it is critical to think about what you are saying and to talk with a lawyer as soon as possible so that you don’t ruin your personal injury claim. Call an Atlanta personal injury lawyer for a free consultation at Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 today.

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