Need help with a claim? Atlanta accident attorneys can determine who may be liable if you suffered a serious pedestrian accident injury. But what can you do immediately following the accident that may prove helpful? 

Even with the help of an attorney, it is important that you do the right thing after your accident. You may require medical attention if you have been injured, and in some cases, emergency medical care may be necessary. 

If you don’t appear to be seriously injured, you should still get examined by a physician. Sometimes, adrenaline or shock from the accident might prevent a victim from realizing he or she has been injured. You may even have injuries that do not present themselves right away. 

You should get the contact information of the driver who struck you or who you struck. Be sure that his or her policy information is among the information you collect. If there were witnesses of the accident, get their names and phone numbers. 

Begin assembling all documentation related to your accident. This can prove very beneficial when meeting with your lawyer. Such documentation may include your medical records, police report, bills, documentation of your missed time from work and other relevant information. 

You can protect your claim by taking these important steps. However, to understand your rights better, an attorney can explain how pedestrian law applies to drivers and how the law may factor into your claim.  

Seeking Help from Atlanta Accident Attorneys 

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