To learn what to expect after a truck accident, an Atlanta truck accident lawyer may be a good resource. Truck accidents may be much more serious than car accidents due to the larger size of the vehicle. Knowing what to expect after such an accident may ease some of the worry you have about the aftermath. 

Insurance Companies Will Call You 

Insurance companies will immediately start building their case. As part of their case building, they will call you. You don’t have to speak to them about what happened, or about any of the injuries you’ve suffered. You can simply let them know that you are not available for comment at this time. It’s important to seek legal guidance from an experienced lawyer who can answer the insurance company’s questions without risking your opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries.  

Medical Care May Be Needed 

If you’ve been seriously injured, you’ll likely need to seek medical evaluations and treatment from the hospital, specialty facilities, and your primary care physician. While it can be exhausting to go to these appointments, it’s imperative that you keep them. 

Speak to a Lawyer 

It’s important to speak to a lawyer after a truck accident. With the damages that such a serious accident may cause, the truck driver and truck company’s insurance company will do their best to try to negate fault. Do not allow them to deflect the blame. 

Contact Atlanta truck accident lawyer from Shane Smith Law. They have litigated many truck accident claims, and can help you recover compensation to which you are entitled. Call 770-HURT-999 today to schedule a consultation. Check out our free guide, 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case

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