If you suffered injuries in an accident, you will likely speak with an insurance adjuster soon after. An insurance adjuster will ask questions about your claim and determine whether you will receive compensation for your injuries. When speaking with one, it’s important to remember that the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company. He or she is looking for any reason to deny your claim, so what you say is crucial in getting your claim approved. 

First, give only limited information. Offer your name, address, and contact information, but nothing more. You should not need to disclose anything about your employment status. If you are asked about the extent of your injuries or vehicle damage, tell the adjuster you will need to consult with your attorney first. Be polite, but never give more information than needed. Be honest, but never admit fault or say anything that could inadvertently imply that you were at fault. 

If you are speaking to the other driver’s insurance company, do not give any details about the accident. Do not give any recorded statements or sign anything without the consent of your lawyer. For more information, read our article about how to deal with insurance companies after an accident.  

If you are a victim of an accident, you don’t have to deal with the insurance adjusters alone. A skilled lawyer can help. For an experiencedPeachtreeCitypersonal injury attorney, contact Shane Smith Law. His team will give your case the attention it deserves. Call them today at (404) 513-5415.

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