Many people are surprised to find out that what they do or fail to do after a Georgia car crash affects the amount of compensation they will receive from the insurance company. Here are three things victims of auto accidents do that reduces the amount of money they receive from the insurance company.

  1. Waiting too long to seek medical care. Many accident victims ignore their injuries, hoping and praying that they will go away on their own. However, when injuries don’t go away, or they get worse, victims turn to medical professionals after a noticeable gap in time from the date of their accident. When people wait too long to see a doctor following an Atlanta car accident, insurance companies feel that their injuries must not have been that serious, which ultimately lowers the amount of compensation they receive.
  2. Failing to follow doctor’s instructions. When accident victims make the mistake of not obeying their doctors’ orders, failing to go to follow-up appointments, canceling and rescheduling appointments, or stopping treatment without their doctors’ approval, the insurance company gets suspicious. Disobeying doctors’ orders can lower the amount of compensation victims receive.
  3. Not hiring a personal injury lawyer. Many accident victims believe they can save money by dealing with the insurance company on their own; however, they typically miss out on greater amounts of money by not hiring a qualified accident attorney who understands what their claims are worth, knows how to negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf, and guides them through the legal process to a better recovery.

Shane Smith Law can help you establish a strong claim so that you can get the biggest insurance settlement possible. Call Atlanta accident attorney Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999 for a complimentary, confidential case consultation today.

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