When you suffer injuries or damages covered by your insurance policy, you expect your claim will resolve quickly and you will receive appropriate payment in a prompt manner. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many insurance companies. Many insurance companies do what they can to increase profits and avoid losses. With this in mind, they may resort to bad faith practices. 

Bad faith practices are illegal activities an insurance company may take to avoid paying a claim. These actions may include: 

  • denying a claim for no valid reason;
  • harass customers;
  • use bullying tactics to get claimants to back off and forget about their claim;
  • unfair demands for paperwork; and
  • illegal methods to investigate your claim or fail to investigate it at all. 

Insurance companies may refuse to disclose information about your policy or inform you of limitations not stated in your policy. Insurance companies may also try to “lowball” you, or offer you a very and unfair amount of money as a settlement, or they may fail to negotiate with you. For more information, read our article about how to deal with insurance companies after an accident.  

If you are a victim of bad faith insurance practices, legal help is often beneficial. For an experiencedPeachtreeCitypersonal injury attorney, contact Shane Smith Law today at (404) 513-5415.

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