If your car sustained major damage in an Atlanta auto collision, your insurance company may declare your vehicle a total loss.


What does this mean?

Car insurance companies are not interested in spending more money than is necessary on repairs. A vehicle is declared totaled when the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle.


What is the value of a totaled vehicle claim?

When a car is declared totaled, the insurance company issues a check for the cash value of the vehicle, minus the deductible.


What happens to my car?

Once a car is declared totaled, it is sent to a salvage yard. The vehicle will be auctioned off for parts and the insurance company will keep the proceeds.


Do I have other options?

Yes, sometimes you can choose to keep your car. If this is your choice, the insurance company will still give you check for the value of the car minus the deductible, but they will subtract the amount the car would have been sold for at auction. You are then responsible for the repairs.


What if I'm not happy with my settlement?

If the insurance settlement you were offered seems to low or is not enough to replace your vehicle, you may request an independent evaluation.


What if I have more questions about getting my car repaired?

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