Imagine you are stuck in traffic on the downtown connector on I-75/85.  The driver behind you is a little too close, but there is traffic all around and there is nothing you can do.  Suddenly you are hit from behind.  You suffer from whiplash and are unable to work for several weeks. The police investigation finds that the car hit your car because it was also hit from behind.   Would the car have hit you if it wasn't so close? Who is at fault? Who pays your medical bills?
Car accidents in high traffic situations can set off a chain reaction that involves numerous cars. Determining who is at fault can be difficult, but understanding the cause of the accident may be critical to your Atlanta injury claim.
Chain reaction accidents involve several insurance companies.  Each company may hear a different version of what actually happened and has several drivers looking for a settlement.  The at-fault driver may not have enough car insurance to cover several injuries.  How do you make sure you get a fair settlement?  To protect your claim, it is important that you hire an Atlanta car crash attorney with extensive experience handling chain reaction car crash cases.
An Atlanta car crash attorney will:

  • Investigate the accident
  • Determine liability
  • Work to prevent you from being sued
  • Hold person responsible for the accident accountable
To learn more about chain reaction car crashes, read "An Atlanta Driver's Guide To Preventing Chain Reaction Car Crashes."
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