When a loved one dies, the surviving family member(s) may be left in shock and disbelief. This may also lead to depression and cause life to be brought to a sudden halt. Many people don’t think about money at a time like this; instead, they are focused on the pain and loneliness that their family member’s death caused. However, as a Peachtree City wrongful death attorney, I believe there are two main reasons why you may want to consider pursuing a wrongful death claim in Georgia, including:

  1. Obtaining finances to meet your needs. If your spouse or loved one was contributing to the household income, you will need to replace that income in order to maintain the lifestyle to which you are accustomed. Studies show that 25% of American adults whose spouses had life insurance thought they had enough. Other studies show that about 40% of adults don’t have life insurance, and about 50 million people who do, don’t have enough life insurance. As a result, many people are left with not enough money and are forced to take on a second job, or sell their home, in order to make it. Instead, people should consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit to make an adequate financial recovery.
  2. Seeking justice for the wrongs that were done to your family. If a manufacturer, company, drunk driver, or another negligent party caused the death of your loved one, the responsible party should be held accountable for their careless and negligent actions.

If you choose to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in Georgia, you should talk with an experienced Peachtree City wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible. Shane Smith Law will provide you with a free case consultation to discuss your potential case and provide you with an understanding of the law and more about your rights. Call 770-HURT-999 today.

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