Woodstock police are investigating a deadly accident that killed a bicyclist on Monday afternoon. The bicyclist, Andrez Martinez, of Woodstock died of head trauma after being hit by a van on Main Street. He was not wearing a helmet. The van was pulling out of a parking lot to make a right turn when Martinez hit the side of the van.  
Nationwide, about 200 children and 700 adults are in killed in bicycle accidents each year. Nearly all these deaths involved a collision with a motor vehicle. The leading cause of death in a car-bicycle crash is head injury. In 90% of these accidents, the motor vehicle driver was at fault.
Bicyclists are at an extreme disadvantage when they are hit by a car. While the damage to the car is minor, the pedestrian or cyclist is lucky if they escape with their lives. Such accidents can cause broken bones, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, brain injuries and internal injuries. Many victims never fully recover from their injuries. The medical expenses, the pain and the suffering following a bike accident can ruin lives.
While bicyclists can take safety precautions, they can not prevent all accidents. A bicyclist may follow all the safety and road rules, but he still may not be seen by a distracted driver. 
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