As you undergo treatment and therapy for your injuries after a serious truck accident, your doctors will update you on your recovery process. Serious injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, and muscle or tissue damage can take weeks or months to heal, but some injuries last a lifetime

A permanent injury such as a fractured spine, traumatic head injury, or other serious damage to your brain or spinal cord can cause permanent disability for the rest of your life. These disabling conditions often can leave victims unable to work, cheating them out of a lifetime of income

This is an event that must be taken into consideration when negotiating your truck accident settlement. If you are unable to provide for yourself financially because of injuries you sustained due to another’s negligence, the settlement should cover the lifetime of lost income. 

Make sure you have the help of a Georgia personal injury attorney to ensure you are getting the full value of your truck accident settlement.  

Let a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Help Fight for Your Settlement 

Do you know the value of a fair truck accident settlement? Everyone’s claim is different, and without the help of a trusted Georgia personal injury attorney, you may not be getting all of the compensation you deserve from the settlement. At Shane Smith Law, we help truck accident victims seek justice after they’ve suffered injury and losses due to negligent drivers. 

Before making the decision to hire an attorney, request a copy of our FREE eBooks, I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver: What Do I Do Next? and 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case. Our guides contain valuable information on how to file a claim for serious injuries or wrongful death caused by a negligent driver. When you’re ready to get started on your claim, contact us to set up a FREE consultation – 1-770-487-8999.

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