Sadly, driving while sleepy can have the same consequences as driving while drunk. Essentially, the person driving drunk or drowsy is impaired and is not thinking straight and may not be following the road rules and traffic signs at that point. 

The fact that the truck driver admitted to you that he was tired is critical to your case. When a trucker is sleepy, he may have difficulty keeping his eyes open, trouble focusing on the road, and a hard time concentrating. Additionally, people who participate in fatigued driving have poor reflexes to avoid an accident. 

It is critical to do the following after being involved in a semi truck accident in Georgia:

  • Take pictures of the accident scene and your vehicle
  • Get witnesses’ contact information if possible
  • Take notes about the accident
  • Seek medical care
  • Talk with an accident attorney

Truck accidents can cause a lot of damage and injuries and you and your passengers should be compensated accordingly. Instead of dealing with the trucking company or their insurance company on your own, you should talk with an experienced Atlanta accident attorney to make sure someone is in your corner looking out for your best interests. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999 today and receive a free consultation and find out more about your rights to a financial recovery.

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