Sometimes people talk about settling their cases quickly or settling before they are done treating.  This is a sure way to settle for less than your case is worth.  The insurance company will only pay you for the treatment you have received.  They are not going to pay you for future medical care at the chiropractor or with your doctor.  The only reason they would settle with you early is so that they don’t have to pay for any more medical care.  Remember, their job is to settle your case for as little as possible.  They don’t want you to get any medical care.  If they think you are desperate to settle or need money now, they will offer it, but it will be less than what your case is worth.  

    Another problem with settling your case before you are well is – what if you don’t get better?  What if – instead of shoulder strain, you have a torn rotator cuff?  What if, instead of lumbar strain, you have a herniated disc and need surgery?  Once you settle your case, every medical cost and expense is on you.  Also, once you settle your case no additional pain and suffering will be considered.

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