When dogs are not contained or chained up, and they are off their leashes and roaming free, they have the potential to attack humans. While not all dogs attack, all dogs are capable of biting. For this reason and because dog owners may not know when their dogs get loose, all dog owners should have liability insurance. In fact, it’s the law. For those owners of high-risk breeds, such as pit bulls, minimum home liability insurance is required. 

When a human being is injured by a dog, the dog owner’s insurance liability policy should provide the compensation necessary to supply the proper medical care and pay the victim’s bills. Sadly, dog bite victims often suffer from serious injuries to their face and neck and require extensive medical attention and plastic surgery. These costs can add up quickly, and many times, dog owners do not have enough insurance to cover these costs. 

Victims of animal attacks in Georgia shouldn’t be left with the bill in addition to their physical and emotional injuries. Our Georgia injury lawyers help dog bite victims collect financial recoveries for their injuries, making sure they receive adequate compensation to cover their medical expenses, mental anguish, lost income, psychological costs, and more. Sometimes, victims are left with permanent nerve damage, disability, disfigurement, and scarring, and they need to be compensated appropriately for future medical expenses and lost wages. 

Dog owners should be held responsible for their dogs’ actions, and victims of animal attacks can generally find compensation under a homeowner’s insurance policy. If you or someone you love was injured by a dog, make sure you are getting the compensation you deserve. Call a Peachtree City dog bite attorney who is familiar with Georgia premises liability laws and negotiating with insurance companies. You can reach the Law Offices of Shane Smith for a free consultation at (770) 487-8999 today.

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