A personal injury lawyer in Atlanta is very often necessary when you are pursuing a truck accident claim. These types of cases tend to be more complicated than a typical car accident, and thus benefit from legal guidance. 

There are a few reasons legal counsel is needed when you have been injured in a truck accident. The first is that trucking companies are regulated by federal law, with which the average citizen is usually unfamiliar. 

Another reason is that injuries sustained in a truck accident may be very severe, disabling, or long-term. This means that you could be facing significant medical costs, missed time from work, and other significant consequences. 

You will also need an attorney because collecting evidence in a truck accident claim can be complicated. Documentation and records sometimes need to be obtained from the trucking company which may be reluctant to deal with you. An attorney may be more effective in evaluating the information the company sends as well. 

Remember that there are several parties that may be liable in the accident, the: 

  • driver;
  • trucking company; and
  • parts manufacturer. 

Hiring an attorney is often helpful when evaluating which parties may be at fault for the accident. 

Seeking Help from Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta 

If you hope to protect your claim and your rights after a truck accident, immediately talk to an attorney at The Law Offices of Shane Smith. Not only can we assist with the paperwork, but we can collect the evidence that will be necessary for your case. 

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