When many people suffer an injury or death in their family as the result of a drunk driving accident, they wonder if they need an attorney to help with their Atlanta drunk driving injury case. The simple answer to this question is yes.

Technically, you are allowed to represent yourself after making a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a drunk driver. However, given the complexity of these cases and our legal system as a whole, we strongly advise against it in almost all instances.

The truth of the matter is that an experienced attorney brings a lot of value to a case. Proceeding without one puts you in danger of filing crucial forms incorrectly, failing to setup a trial in your favor and being manipulated by the mean-spirited insurance companies.

Even in instances in which you believe you can 'win' your case without the expert help of a lawyer, you could be missing something that gives you a better advantage or increases your award. An attorney can construct an airtight case for punitive damages, whereas you may miss key points of the law.

The best way for an Atlanta DUI victim to really decide if a lawyer is right for his or her case is to sit down for a free consultation with one in the area. To schedule your appointment at the Law Offices of Shane Smith call us today at 770-HURT-999 or fill out the form on this page.

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