Yes, you should be able to file a claim for damages. The law surrounding wrongful death cases makes it allowable to bring a wrongful death claim for an intentional or unintentional act that led to a person’s death. A Georgia wrongful death claim can be brought against an intoxicated driver, a driver who failed to see a stop sign, or a driver who was in violation of the law, among many others.

Drunk drivers intentionally get into their cars intoxicated, and drivers who run red lights usually run them intentionally. However, someone who was eating and driving and accidentally missed a stop sign probably unintentionally caused a wreck. Even if that’s the case, every driver is required to obey the road rules and drive safely in order to avoid causing a fatal Georgia auto accident. 

If another’s negligence is to blame, even if the accident was unintentional, you most likely have a wrongful death claim for damages. The damages available in a wrongful death claim are intended to compensate you and your family for the amount of money you lost as a result of your husband’s death.

While we know that no amount of money can ever compensate you enough for losing your spouse, the Law Offices of Shane Smith will do everything to make sure you are awarded the most damages possible to ensure the economic support you were accustomed to while your husband was alive. To speak with a knowledgeable Georgia wrongful death lawyer, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 for a free consultation today.

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