Georgia bicycle helmet laws only require riders who are younger than 16 to wear one. Despite helmets not being mandatory for riders older than 15, failure to wear one could still impact a bike accident claim if wearing one may have prevented your injury or reduced its severity. Consulting injury attorneys in Atlanta can help you better understand your legal rights as a bicyclist. 

Impact of Helmet Use in a Bike Accident Claim 

If the negligent actions of another party were found to be the cause of a bicycle crash, it then would need to be determined if the bicyclist was partially at fault. Failure to wear a helmet may lead to a reduction in available damages, especially if it can be proven that the injuries might have been less severe or even prevented. 

Safe Kids East Central program coordinator Rene Hopkins, who was quoted by Science Daily, points out, “Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces the risk of severe brain damage from an injury by up to 88 percent.” The risk of a brain injury is reduced not only in children, but also adults. Although not required byGeorgia bicycle helmet laws, failure to wear a helmet could be determined to have contributed to your injury and resultant damages. 

Seeking Help from Injury Attorneys in Atlanta 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2010 there were 18 fatalities stemming from a bike crash in Georgia. So if you’re riding over to the Piedmont Park Conservatory and you are struck by a motorist on the way, consult an injury attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith. We will review the details and explain the impact helmet use may have on your case, regardless of Georgia bicycle helmet laws.

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