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     If the damage on your vehicle has been fairly evaluated and it is less than $1200 or $1500 then there is nothing that you can do to prevent your car accident case from being classified as a Minor Impact Soft Tissue Case or MIST case.  However, your vehicle property damage may not have been fairly evaluated.  Here are some things you could check to see if a thorough evaluation of your car was done:
     - Was the bumper removed to look at the support bars
     - Was the frame checked for damage (by a laser frame machine)
     - Were the seat belts checked for damage (seat belts are designed for one major impact only, afterwards the locking pendulum may need to be replaced)
     - Was the actual damage repaired (frequently the initial estimate is low)
     - If you were in a pickup truck did you check for damage where the bed can move forward and hit the cab
     - Were multiple vehicles (over 2) involved in the collision
     - Did one of the vehicles go underneath the rear end of the front car
     - Did you use the insurance company's body shop or an independant shop

    These are some ways to make sure that the damage to your vehicle is accuratly represented.  Remember, the initial estimate from the adjuster is designed to be low in hopes that you  don't get your vehicle fixed and don't pursue your personal injury claim. 

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