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How doI know what my case is worth?


  A case has a certain value range, based on the severity of the collision, the type of injury a person had, the type of treatment he or she needed, the duration of treatment, and other factors that cannot all be listed here.  It matters where the accident occurred and even who specifically caused it.  Was it a commercial company? Was the other driver drunk?  There are too many variables to list.  

     Sometimes I hear, “well my brother was hurt like me and he got x dollars.”  Put whatever number you want there.  I don’t know your brother’s case.  I don’t know when it happened or where.  He may not have even gotten that much.  I usually want to see a copy of the check or talk to his attorney.  It is possible your brother told you everything.  It is also possible that he left out some terribly important fact that makes his case much more valuable.  It’s also possible he didn’t get that amount and just told you he did.  Let an attorney advise you about your specific case and injuries.  Then the attorney can tell you what he or she thinks.  This can only be done effectively after you are done treating.  Sometimes a small case becomes big and a large case becomes small due to a fact discovered after treatment is done.

Shane Smith
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