There is no simple answer for a question like this because no two people react the same way to a similar situation. Also, the grieving timeframe may depend on the level of injury or if a fatality occurred. People have to experience grief at their own pace.

If an Atlanta DUI victim suffered a broken rib and collarbone, that person may only grieve for the time he or she feels pain. However, if someone’s life changed forever due to a drunk driver, that person may grieve a lot longer. For instance, if a victim suffered paralysis, he or she may be in a state of shock for a long time before grieving.  

Oftentimes, people who lose a loved one or who are seriously injured take a longer time to grieve as the reality of the situation sinks in. It is common for grieving to occur for the first year after the injury or loss. The first birthday, Christmas, or other holidays may serve as reminders of their loss or how their life has changed.

Losing a loved one or suffering a lifelong injury can cause someone not only to grieve, but to be upset and angry with the negligent drunk driver and with life in general. 

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