Many supermarkets, department stores, and other public locations have video cameras for security reasons. Sometimes they are in just the right location and have just the right angle that they capture slip and fall accidents in Georgia taking place. However, a store is just not going to hand you their security camera footage, especially if they know that you are looking to find fault with them for your fall injury.

Typically, companies, under the direction of their insurance companies or attorneys, are not going to give you the video footage unless a Georgia premises liability lawsuit has been filed. Unfortunately, evidence can be destroyed, so it is important to speak with a Peachtree City slip and fall lawyer immediately. An attorney will send a letter to the company letting them know that they need to preserve the video footage from the day of your accident because litigation is intended.

After companies receive this legal document, they are not supposed to destroy the video or delete it. In order to make sure the video evidence doesn’t disappear in your case, you need to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

While it sounds easy to request the video, most companies and their insurers are not going to give you the video if it makes them liable. This is why a victim generally needs to file a lawsuit first before getting access to the video.

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