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I feel bad hiring a lawyer for my car accident because the adjuster has been very friendly. ShouldI still hire a lawyer?


Another Mistake is Thinking the Adjuster Is Your Friend

     Always remember that the adjuster’s job is to settle claims as cheaply as possible.  This means if he or she can get you to take less money, he or she is doing a good job.  Maybe the adjuster only gets you to take $500 less, but over the whole year, on all of the outstanding claims, that is a lot of money for the insurance company.  If they can convince you not to file a claim, imagine what they save their company.  The adjuster wants to get you to take less money than the claim is worth.  

    Some adjusters play very nice in the beginning of a file.  What have they got to lose?  If they aren’t nice they can always go back to being not nice.  They know that you feel like you are suing the adjuster.  If they have been nice and cooperative some folks will feel bad about it.

Shane Smith
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