While we understand Atlanta slip and fall accidents produce serious injuries and costly medical bills, the answer to your question will depend on the details surrounding your case. More than likely the store should be liable for your medical bills; however, slip and fall cases can be complicated and it would be best to have a lawyer consider the facts surrounding your case.

Property owners do have a duty of care to take care of their premises in order to keep their grounds safe and free from hazards that could injure their customers. It’s actually the law. This means that Kroger and the store managers should have safety procedures, protocols, and cleanup efforts in place to avoid a fall accident from occurring. They should regularly inspect the store, cleanup hazards immediately, and warn others of any dangerous condition that exists if it cannot be cleaned or repaired immediately.

If you feel like the store did not take reasonable care in maintaining their premises, then you should consider holding them liable for your pain and suffering, medical bills, physical therapy, and lost wages due to time off of work. However, because these cases can be complex, it is best if you have some evidence on your side to prove your fall and injury. This can include pictures of the accident scene, witnesses to your fall, an accident report made to the store, and medical proof of your injuries.

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