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I suffered a hip injury after I fell on ice in front of my office. Who is responsible for my injuries and medical bills?


Each slip and fall case is unique based on the individual set of circumstances surrounding your fall, which can sometimes make proving liability in slip and fall cases difficult. While there could be a number of responsible parties for your fall, there also may not be any. Some of the potential parties that could be found liable include:

  • Your employer
  • The owner of the property
  • Your company’s property management company
  • The contractor or maintenance company hired to remove ice

Because premises liability cases are complex, an experienced Atlanta slip and fall lawyer should be consulted immediately to review your accident details and conduct an investigation of the accident scene. For example, if the company hired to remove the ice was irresponsible and careless in the way they removed the ice, that company may be held responsible. However, if you were the first one to the office in the morning before the property owner or anyone else could assess the grounds or verify if ice accumulated or snow had fallen, then you may not be able to hold anyone liable for your injuries.

Property owners are not always responsible for everyone’s slip and fall injuries because we all have a duty to watch where we are walking; however, property owners do have a duty of care to maintain their properties, and they may be responsible for slip and fall injuries in some cases.

In order to determine if you have a Georgia slip and fall case, call an Atlanta slip and fall attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith for help with your case at 770-HURT-999, and receive a free case consultation today.

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