Yes, you should be able file a claim against both the driver and the host of the Super Bowl party who supplied the driver with too much alcohol to drink. If a guest drove home drunk from a Super Bowl party, the host can be held liable under Georgia laws.

Drunken driving victims in Georgia can hold a third party civilly liable following a crash. This is called “social host” liability. A host of a party may be liable to third parties injured by an intoxicated driver who attended that party, if the host continued to allow that adult (who was noticeably intoxicated) to have more drinks and shortly thereafter to drive.

Sports bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, and convenience stores and grocery stores that sell alcohol, can also be held liable under “dram shop” laws. If an employee of one of these businesses served or sold alcohol to customers who were noticeable intoxicated, knowing that the customer may soon be driving, they too can be held liable.

For help with your specific case, you need to involve an experienced Atlanta drunk driving victim attorney. It is important that a skilled lawyer investigate your accident and learn how the driver obtained the alcohol prior to the crash. This way, the drunken driver as well as the supplier of alcohol can be held responsible. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999 today for a free consultation to find out more about your rights.

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