Smyrna Accident Lawyer Discloses Purpose of an IME 

Yes, if you were injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may need to undergo a medical examination with a doctor that your insurance company chooses. This is known as an independent medical exam (IME). Contact a Smyrna accident lawyer for help. 

Of course, you could be risking the outcome of your claim. Even though it may be required, it doesn’t mean you can’t have someone fighting for your rights. Make no mistake; the purpose of this type of exam is to help the insurance company, not you. The hope is that a doctor will raise questions as to the legitimacy or severity of your injuries. 

The doctor may outright say that your injuries were not a result of the car accident. Alternately, they may say that the injuries aren’t as serious as you claim them to be, or what your physician has indicated. 

Despite this doctor not being on your side, you must fully cooperate. Otherwise you are at risk for damaging your claim. 

Of course, you can protect your rights by securing legal representation. Your lawyer will make sure that all evidence pertaining to your injuries is collected. They may even decide to call upon a separate medical expert to support your claim of injury. 

Seeking Help from a Smyrna Accident Lawyer 

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