Drunk driving rules and penalties seem to differ slightly from state to state. Some states do not have check points or use the term ‘DUI,’ but all states do have laws that surround drunk driving accidents. 

When a person is arrested on a DUI charge, sometimes it is referred to as an “aggravated DUI” if it is a more serious drunk driving charge. For example, if a police officer notices that a driver is swerving, and the officer pulls over the driver before that driver has had time to crash into another car and cause injuries, then that driver will most likely receive a misdemeanor drunk driving charge (if it was his or her first drunk driving conviction).

However, if a drunk driver caused a Georgia drunk driving crash that resulted in extensive property damage, serious injuries, or fatalities, then that driver may receive an aggravated drunk driving charge. Additionally, if the drunk driver had a high blood alcohol level or has had multiple drunk driving convictions, such as a third DUI in five years in Georgia, then the driver would receive a “high and aggravated DUI” charge.

An aggravated drunk driving charge is usually considered a felony charge, which typically carries harsher penalties and punishments for the drivers convicted.

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