In order for that driver to be charged with a DUI in Georgia, the driver must have tested at a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading of .08 or higher. However, the legal alcohol limit also varies based on the driver’s age. For instance, drivers under 21-years-old could be convicted of a DUI with a BAC reading of .02, and commercial truck drivers are charged with a DUI in Georgia with a .04 BAC reading.

What happens next depends on your particular situation. The driver most likely will be punished in the criminal justice system, will have to pay fees, and may even serve jail time. Repeat offenders typically receive harsher criminal fines and penalties. Although there are penalties in place in the criminal justice system to punish drunk drivers, Atlanta DUI accident victims should pursue a personal injury suit in Georgia to ensure you are compensated for your injuries, damages and losses. 

Your next steps should include seeking medical attention and speaking with a skilled Atlanta DUI victim lawyer to find out more about the criminal justice system and what punishment the drunk driver may be facing. Additionally, a lawyer can help you find out what your case is worth and help you seek ample compensation for your injuries. 

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