Yes. After being hit by a drunk driver in Georgia, it is normal to experience anger toward the drunk driver who was responsible for your accident and injuries. If the accident caused you serious, long-lasting or debilitating injuries, it is even more normal to feel angry about your condition. 

Your mood may vary from day to day, depending on your physical pain, whether you are feeling down about your condition, or the hope for recovery. You may feel angry, hopeless, frustrated, or moody at any given time. These feelings are normal, as it is difficult to cope with your new injuries and the challenges they present. 

If you were not an angry person prior to the accident, you may feel out of sorts or unbalanced trying to deal with overwhelming anger. It is completely normal to feel angry. However, if your anger takes control of your life or if you want to act out on your anger, then it is not healthy. 

When anger turns to vengeance, especially if you have troubling thoughts about ways you want to harm the drunk driver, then you need to talk with a professional so that you can begin to deal with your condition and start healing emotionally.

Be careful that your anger does not affect those who love and support you in your time of need. You may be angry at the drunk driver and your medical condition, but be careful that your anger does not come out as an attack on those around you who love you. 

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