It depends. By law, the driver turning left across oncoming traffic is required to yield to approaching traffic and only proceed with the turn when it is clear and safe. Because the driver attempting to turn left is crossing over an opposite traffic pattern, he or she is supposed to look out for traffic and yield to the approaching vehicles.

Unfortunately, many drivers try to rush their left-hand turns because they are in a hurry, or they make a left turn in front of approaching vehicles due to their failing eyesight or poor depth perception. In either event, that driver may be deemed at-fault for causing the crash. There are exceptions to left-turn drivers being held liable, including:

  • Rear-end accident that caused the driver to proceed into the intersection
  • Left-hand-turning driver had a green arrow to make the turn
  • Traffic signal light was inoperable
  • Other driver ran a red light
  • Approaching car traveled well in excess of the speed limit

Not all left-hand-turn drivers are at-fault in Georgia car accidents; however, they typically are more likely in violation of the law for failing to yield to traffic. If you have suffered injuries in an intersection traffic accident involving an unsafe left-hand-turn driver, a Peachtree City personal-injury lawyer can help you recover damages and prove that the other driver was at-fault.

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